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Plum + gold French manicure (for fall)


I am BEYOND ready for summer to be over. I’ve fulfilled all the standard summertime activities (swimming, beach visits, baseball games, sweating), which are all nice in their own right, but all I can think about lately is chilly weather, cozy fabrics, and colorful foliage. For someone who lives in a predominantly warm climate, summer is such a bore for me. For one thing, I have no idea how to dress for the warmer months. It could be that I just have a more wintry spirit and prefer to reflect that in my wardrobe. Sundresses and lightweight things are all right for a while, but it’s more fun to wear tights and scarves and a big coat. All I know is that I hate to sweat. Shivering and bundling myself up is more my speed.

Since I’ve got autumn on the brain, I’ve given myself a fall-inspired French manicure using two of my favorite cold month Essie polishes {buy here}. (By the way, it’s brain-dead easy to do a French manicure at home. All you need is standard Scotch tape.)

Good as Gold & Big Spender


I like this color combo because the purple shade is sort of a transitioning-into-fall color, and the gold tips just scream “glamour.”


So, how do you like my pre-fall manicure? I’d love to hear your thoughts–if you have different color combination suggestions, I’d love to hear those too!

Have a happy Labor Day, and may your nails always be chip-free.


T-shirt dress

Credit: The Middle Moffat

Joanna of A Cup of Jo posted about this dress a while back. Ever since I saw it, basically all I’ve done with my mental energy is devise ways I would style this dress. The options, folks, are endless. I found a similar dress at Target, and I intend to wear it to death. Here it is below, for a gleaming $19.99:

Mossimo Supply Co. Juniors Short Sleeve T-Shirt Dress - Assorted Colors

It’s lightweight and not too clingy, which is nice in the warmer months (which we are slowly heading away from–yay!). I could see it being worn to the beach as a cover-up, then to a nice sit-down dinner with more dressy accessories. I also plan to layer it in the fall and winter with tights and scarves.

look book


How would you wear a simple gray dress like this? Inspire me!


My favorite red lipstick

The 10 best beauty looks with bold red lipstick

Credit: Elle Canada

As far as makeup goes, one look that I feel can never go wrong is a red lip. It works in any situation–casual lunches with friends, dinner dates, even work or school. Swiping on a red lipstick instantly brightens up the face and adds instant chicness. Even a t-shirt and jeans looks more glamorous when tied together with a red lip.

I recently found a red lipstick that perfectly suits my needs in a lip product. I like my lipsticks to be fairly moisturizing but not super shiny, and also to be slightly staining after the moisture wears off. If possible, I also like them to come in a fun crayon shape (I can’t resist kitschy packaging).

This crayon-shaped lipstick from Clinique, aptly named Mightiest Maraschino, is my new buddy for a true red lip. It’s a bright color when applied fully, so for daytime I blot it with a tissue. This leaves behind a sheer red stain. I also love that it fades evenly, and doesn’t fade into that weird ring-around-the-lip thing that other lipstick do. Plus, the crayon shape is fun and makes application a breeze.

Here I am wearing this shade:


What do you think of red lipstick? Do you have a favorite shade?

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Patrick Wilson: regulation hottie

In light of the release of his new film, “The Conjuring,” I was inspired to remind everyone of just who we’re dealing with here. No, I’m not talking demons or ghosts or whatever paranormal entities we are dealing with in this film. I’m talking about Patrick Wilson: regulation hottie.

I feel like this man is often looked over by the celebrity world, as well as general unpaid boy-watchers (i.e myself). The media focuses on people like Bradley Cooper and James Franco who, of course, are quite talented in their own right and also nice to look at at times. However, I can’t ignore a face like this.

You know what my favorite thing about him is? There’s no celebrity scandal surrounding his name. No infidelity, no crazy drunken rampages, no bong-throwing. Just honest, all-American acting. Isn’t that refreshing? Here’s a guy you could bring home to mom and dad, and everyone involved would be both thrilled and relieved.

Ahhh, there he is in Phantom of the Opera. Here’s where the subject gets difficult. I’m going to say this only once, and I welcome all judgment hereafter. IN CHRISTINE’S SITUATION, I WOULD CHOOSE RAOUL OVER THE PHANTOM. For some of you, this may be painful to hear. I understand. It’s not you, it’s me. I have a strange proclivity toward normal, honest, clean-cut guys with long hair rather than mangled maniacs who construct mannequins of their love target and sleep in a swan bed. The yucky long hair can be fixed, but can you fix crazy? No, Christine. You can’t.

I often make that face when I see Patrick Wilson. I know too well where that monster is coming from.


Movie posters

I could spend hours–HOURS–looking at movie posters. While I usually browse them online, it’s also nice to look at them in a shop or even on the walls at a theater. Even when I haven’t seen each movie, something about the art and grandeur of them excites me. Posters of 1940s and ’50s films are always so colorful and exuberant, usually with a lot of exclamation points.



Far superior to the Lindsay Lohan one, in my opinion.

Modern posters are also nice to look at. Designers now have so many options when creating movie posters. This blog hosts tons of them, some made by film companies, others by fans. It’s amazing how much emotion a carefully sculpted image can produce. Here’s some of my favorites:


So cringe-worthy, right?


Simple. Emotional. Elegant.


I…I can’t talk about this movie/book.



P.S. B-movie style posters for classic movies. #17 and #9 made me guffaw. I could deal with #2, though.